We are currently not accepting any new client work. Wiseacre Digital has over 18 years of experience in design, development, programming, strategic social media and brand consulting; working with large multi-national corporations, small business start-ups and service focused non-profits.


This Is Who We Are

Paul Armstrong

Founder/Partner/King Of Pointless Side-Projects

16 year industry soldier who has worked in every conceivable aspect of graphic design — and at some point was a proud owner of an Iomega Jaz drive and a drawer full of Letraset dry transfer sheets.

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Chris Bergman

Partner/Manager/Bearded Menace

Entrepreneur. Social Media so-and-so. Mobile App Creator. iOS Lover. Husband. Photographer. Beer & Tea Snob. Geek.

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Some Things Were Said

Over a year ago Chris and I embarked upon the murky waters of the startup universe. I “toed the line” between running Wiseacre Digital and building a product with ChoreMonster for several months, until things turned a corner (i.e., ChoreMonster got venture funding). I packed my bags and waved goodbye to nearly a decade of being a freelancer indie designer. Recently an old graphic I created on Dribbble has been turned into a tshirt, and I thought “Maybe I could share some of the things I learned working for myself?”, where I succeeded and where I failed. This is by no means comprehensive of all the things you need to know when starting your own graphic design business, but I believe covers a great deal of things you need to be prepared for before and while you do. Don’t Be Desperate My introduction into the independent world of design (I know I’ve shared over and over my loathing of the term freelance, so I will not labor on the topic) was not voluntary. Panic was my suit, my state of being … Continue reading